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About Us

Mile High Parrot Supply is a family-owned and operated parrot breeder and source for all things birdie. Whether you are considering adding a feathered family member to your flock, hunting for responsibly sourced diets to support your parrot’s health, or acquiring gear to enrich their lives through discovery, foraging and fun – you’ve landed at the right place

Mile High Parrot Supply is a PACFA licensed breeding facility in Strasburg, Colorado.

Our parrots are hand raised and reared from the moment they hatch. All our babies are raised in a family environment. Your parrot will be handled by males, females, and children, and share their environment with dogs and other parrots. Your new family member will easily acclimate your home because of the loving and inclusive start to life we offer them. Your new companion will be health guaranteed and well-rounded because of our passion to partner with you to find the right fit for your home. Our breeding facility is like no other. Our parent birds are in excellent health, are homed in large aviaries, given plenty of toys, and fed a fresh, homemade diet that supports both parent and baby health.


Chris, the owner of Mile High Parrot Supply, found his calling with animals at a young age. At 14, he began working in a local, family-owned pet store. He knew then that working with parrots would be his direction of flight. He set out to change the way parrots were raised and their relationships with humans. Chris is an “animal whisperer”, according to his wife, two kids, and numerous others. This talent has granted him the ability to provide a loving home for many feathered creatures that are treated ethically and homed responsibly.


At Mile High Parrot Supply we are committed to avian excellence in both our birds and products, along with prices that fit your budget. We believe this empowers you to experience optimal enjoyment with your companion. We provide customer service that is second to none and look forward to helping you with all your Parrot Parent needs.